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Community Involvement
Ribbon cutting ceremony speaker presentation

Drum Barracks Park

Warren Resources, Inc. was recently honored to donate two parcels of residential land to the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks. The land was donated in response to the 50 Parks Initiative, which was enacted by Councilman Joe Busciano and the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks in order to improve parks and recreation in the city of Wilmington for the benefit of the surrounding community.

Baseball game at John Mendez Baseball Park

John Mendez Baseball Park

Warren Resources, Inc. firmly believes in being a team player in our surrounding community. For this reason, Warren proudly sponsors John Mendez Baseball Park, whose mission is built upon teamwork and a safe and healthy atmosphere for all. John Mendez Baseball Park programs focus not only on teamwork, but also sportsmanship and community service. Young children and teens in the city of Wilmington are provided with a place to come after school. A place to be kept safe, challenged, and ultimately, respected.

Wilmington Rotary Club

This non-profit organization is one of Warren’s huge successes not only in the sponsorship aspect, but in the leadership of this group. Warren employees have dedicated many hours in making sure that this organization gives back to the community of Wilmington.

With the assistance of LA Harbor Culinary School, two major annual dinner events have been created to feed more than 600 foster children and 200 single parents. Both events have been huge successes within the past three years. Saints Peter & Paul Church is very grateful to both Warren and the Rotary Club for the monthly food drives that assist 25 different families each month. Club members volunteer Thanksgiving eve at Saints Peter & Paul Church for the distribution of turkey and side dishes for more than 50 families chosen by the church. On Christmas Eve they volunteer their day to feed the needy.

Charitable Contributions

City of Wilmington

Wilmington Community Development

Warren has been a proud sponsor of this non-profit organization since 2005. Our annual contributions provide 30 young children the opportunity to be a part of a baseball program that they would otherwise not be able to participate in due to family hardships. In addition, this organization has a senior and teen program that Warren has been able to assist in maintaining.

Wilmington Boy’s & Girl’s Club

Warren believes that education and helping our new generations of youth start off on the right foot is important. With the Boy’s and Girl’s Club College Bound program, Warren’s annual sponsorship assists the youth at each stage of their academic development with grade and age-appropriate activities, resources and support. This program exposes youth in 4th to 12th grades to the idea of college and prepares them for a successful experience.


Avalon and Warren support two programs for very at-risk youths. Avalon Continuation High School, a second chance for high school students who dropped out due to circumstances in their life, helps guide students to get back on track and to show them that they still have the opportunity to succeed like everyone else. Sharefest’s Summer Youth Development Academy gives at-risk youth from underserved middle schools the tools to work in a team environment and assists them in developing into the future leader that they want to become.

Wilmington YMCA

When you see YMCA, you think after school programs like sports, crafts and summer camp. YMCA is not only that! Warren contributions go into assisting other programs like Healthy Living and Youth and Government. As board members for Wilmington YMCA, Warren employees not only volunteer their time and ideas at Board meetings, but they are heavily involved with the “Healthy Children’s Event” that happens every year. This event brings different vendors to educate the parents about healthier ways to feed and exercise with their children. Sponsoring scholarships for the Youth and Government programs allows these children the opportunity to experience the different venues of today’s government.

LA Harbor College Foundation

Many of the residents in the Wilmington community are not able to afford college due to poor socioeconomic status. With Warren’s annual contributions residents are provided scholarships offering them a chance at higher education.

Friends of Banning Museum

Phineas Banning, founder of the city of Wilmington and “The Father of the Port of Los Angeles,” built this 23-room residence back in 1864. This historical monument is called Banning Museum. Warren takes pride in keeping Wilmington’s history alive.

Gang Alternative Program – GAP

We know many children at a young age turn to the gangs for many different reasons. This non-profit organization helps give these children, who are either already in a gang or thinking of joining a gang, an alternative path to a better life. Warren is proud to support this program in making a difference and change through contributions and volunteering.

International Trade Education Program – ITEP

Investing in our youth is what this organization is all about. In order for ITEP to produce job-ready, college-prepared graduates, they unite business people and educators to prepare students for a meaningful place in the world of tomorrow.

Wilmington Chamber of Commerce

Warren has been a part of the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce Board for many years. Warren’s contributions and dedication to the group have assisted businesses, schools and projects of other non-profit organizations in beautifying the City of Wilmington.


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