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Environmental Policy
Pronghorn Trap Helicopter, click to link to read full story

Warren Supports Pronghorn Research Project

Warren Resources, Inc. has partnered with Dr. Jeff Beck of the University of Wyoming, the Bureau of Land Management and Wyoming Game and Fish Department to support the Factors Influencing Pronghorn Survival and Reproduction in South Central Wyoming research project.

In November 2013, 130 pronghorn were outfitted with GPS and VHF collars in order to track movements and survival over a period of three years. In addition to much needed movement and survival information, pronghorn will be tracked on the ground during the summer and then fawn production and behavioral information will be collected.


Warren Resources is committed to protecting the environment in which it conducts its business and the health and safety of its employees. Each employee, contract consultant and contractor has the responsibility to contribute to a safe and healthful workplace and protect the environment.


Warren Resources conducts its operations in compliance with the spirit and letter of applicable laws, regulations and standards. Management will commit the funds, manpower and resources necessary to accomplish the objectives of these environmental, health and safety policies. The failure of employees, contract consultants and contractors to comply with applicable laws and regulations may result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment. It is Warren’s goal to not only meet, but to exceed health and safety standards.


Warren Resources believes that environmental, health, and safety goals need not conflict with economic goals. Compliance with the Company's environmental, health, and safety policies is one area of accountability in evaluating the performance of an employee, contract consultant or contractor.


Warren Resources employs programs utilizing modern technology, periodic health, safety and environmental audits, waste and risk management and contingency planning to monitor and evaluate compliance efforts and reduce risks to employees and the environment.


All employees are aware of the Company's commitment to these environmental, health and safety policies. To ensure compliance with applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations, Warren Resources provides appropriate training programs for employees. Employees are encouraged to become involved in environmental, health and safety issues.


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