Warren Resources, Inc.

Focused on the local production of domestic onshore crude oil and gas reserves while ensuring compliance with all health and environmental safeguards.

Welcome to Warren Resources, Inc.

Warren Resources, Inc. is a privately held oil and natural gas exploration and production company with current operations located in the Los Angeles Basin of California.  Our workforce of 50+ employees and contractors are committed to safely and responsibly supplying affordable energy.

Environmentally Conscious

We are all concerned about ensuring the health and safety of our families and our community. At Warren, sustainability and health inform every decision we make. Incorporating innovative technology, safeguards, and responsible operations makes us industry leaders in minimizing environmental impact while complying with health and safety regulations.

Community Outreach

The people who work at Warren Resources are local community members. We’re committed to contributing beyond just supplying affordable energy and jobs. We want to help build a strong and vibrant community for today and the future. Read More >>>


Warren Resources fully supports  commitment to conserving natural resources, protecting our environment, and ensuring the health and safety of our employees and community. Read More >>>

Owner Relations

Warren Resources is committed to providing the highest quality of service to our land and royalty owners while mitigating operational risk and promoting a culture of safety and integrity. Read More >>>