Environment, Health & Safety

Dedicated to Social and Environmental Responsibility

The preservation of the environment and the health and safety of our employees and neighbors is our greatest priority. Warren Resources is committed to conducting business lawfully, ethically, and responsibly. Exemplary performance in the areas of environment, health and safety (EHS) is critical to fulfilling our goals and meeting the expectations of our community and stakeholders. We achieve our EHS goals through the active participation and support of all management, employees and contractors. Our governing principles are integrated into all decisions affecting our operations.

Warren Resources’ EHS Governing Principles

Compliance – We will comply with all applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations. We will adopt sound professional judgement where laws and regulations do not exist.

Health and Safety – Occupational health and safety values will never be compromised. No job is so important and not task is so urgent that the necessary steps cannot be taken to perform it safely.

Greenhouse Gas – We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency innovation and by employing economically feasible reduction technologies. Our ultra-low emissions system at both of our production facilities demonstrate this commitment.

Environmental Stewardship – We will continually seek to understand our relationship to the environment and adopt technically sound and economically feasible controls to avoid and mitigate any potential negative impact.

Pollution Prevention – We will employ appropriate technology to minimize discharges, reduce waste, use materials efficiently, and encourage recycling.

Job Competency - We will provide our employees with the training and tools to ensure they have the knowledge and skills needed to perform their jobs competently.

Community Involvement – We recognize that our actions can affect our neighbors, and we are dedicated to improving the compatibility of our operations within the community where we do business.

Contingency Planning – We will identify and control environmental, health and safety risks and ensure that appropriate contingency plans are in place to address unforeseen events.

Contractor Operations – We require high quality, environmentally sound, and safe work from our contractors. We expect our contractors to supply and retain quality personnel who are adequately trained to perform their jobs safely.

Performance Review – We will set measurable goals for EHS performance and track progress against these goals. We will review company operations to ensure compliance with these principles. Management, supervisors, and employees will foster a work environment that holds employees and contractors accountable for fully implementing our governing principles and encourages all stakeholders to express their views about EHS concerns.

Our Commitments

Evidence of our emphasis on environmental stewardship is our commitment to provide the necessary resources for our asset retirement obligations, as demonstrated by the number of wells we retire each year in full compliance with our multi-year plugging covenants to CalGem. Our approach to proactively engage with CalGem to establish a consistent and long-term well retirement program provides objective and measurable progress indicators and strengthens our commitment of stewardship to our community and to our stakeholders.

We believe that principles of corporate responsibility are a central and a commercial priority. Not only do we promote such principles to achieve strong governance, safe working conditions and a minimal impact to the environment, but we also believe that thoughtful Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) initiatives significantly reduce risk, create long-term value and represent a competitive advantage.

As we move forward, we will be formalizing a roadmap that sets out our key sustainability objectives for the next several years and then reporting on these objectives accordingly, which will include sustainability aims and objectives for emissions management, leak detection and repair, water management, spill prevention, safe operations and conservation efforts – all with the goal of pushing Warren towards achieving improved results for these areas of our operations.

We recognize that our success hinges not only on our ability to manage our assets with operational and capital discipline, but also our ongoing commitment to meet the increasing demand for energy through the safe and responsible production of our natural resources.